Thursday, January 3, 2013

   Wow!! Its been a year since my last entry.. A lot had happened since then.. career wise; there were ups and downs along the way but i survived ! personal wise; well HORAYY! im finally single and available.. phew! Oh well who cares!!

   Whatever happened last year is gonna be part of the experiences that i would treasure forever. Too many great things happened this particular year, tons of happiness, plenty of spectacular moments, thousands of beautiful colors :-) and on the top of that the memorable family gatherings,  .. Alhamdulillah .. All these great scenes made all the sadness be forgotten:-) to wrap it up, the year was such a blessing as i was surrounded by an amazing family, the most astonishing group of  friends and a wonderful list of clients....i couldn't have asked for a better circle of these individuals as i made through the ups and downs..

 Its finally arrived !! most people that i know were celebrating it fashionably! and me?? hahahahah i was sitting at the mamak restaurant in front of my house cit chatting with my close friends! we were busy talking while suddenly we heard the sounds of fireworks! OMG! we missed the countdown moment! hahahahaha we took a moment saying "Happy new year " to each other and continued LOL ! it doesnt sounds "cool" for some people, but hey! at least  i was surrounded with my close friends ..

 So what next? closer to Allah...continuing my work.. extra hardworking.. be more Positive toward things around me.. upgrading my skills for a better future in the industry (i don't mind learning from others!!!) and the most important thing finding the strong foundation for securing my future (believe me im working on it!!). other than that, i need to see my family more often (feel like a brand new every time i came back from seeing them!!) i am simply MOTIVATED! cant wait to start working again!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Jovian Mandagie's Lebaran Fashion Show 2011
[Makeup By ValShuQ]
Solaris Duta


Bibi Rafidah
Nikah & Reception
Sutera Habour Resort KK
[Makeup & Hairdo By ValShuQ] 


Reception Nite