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Faezah Elai By ValShuQ


Farah & Khairul
Dewan Alwy FRIM
[Makeup by ValShuQ]

Farah Before Makeup 

After Makeup

Khairul and Farah


Pertunangan Alia & Adi
 At Gombak
[Makeup By ValShuQ]

I dont Really have the chance to meet this girl before her engagement day. we just talk and deal thru phone. Today [13th November 2010] at 8:00 am i arrived at her grandmother's house for her special day and start the makeup session right away. Thanks to Suhaimi for helping me out and also abg Wan for sending us to the location. Here are some pictures of her before and after the makeup session..

Before i started.

 After I've done the job

These are from her camera..