Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Go wild with eye makeup and colored contacts!"

Fantasy Makeup Looks

  • Fairy Makeup – For the little girl in all of us the new focus on fairy makeup brings back memories of enchanted childhoods. Learn to create fairy makeup with vivid eyeliners and eyeshadow colors.
  • Vampire Makeup – Vampires are back! There’s a new vampire craze and you can go subtle or dramatic. It's a look that will take your breath away. You can even combine it with Gothic Makeup Tips for a romantic version. The choice is yours.
  • Gothic Makeup Tips – The newest makeup style on the scene offers lots of creative opportunities. It's daring makeup that you can morph into a variety of looks. It takes smokey eyes to a whole new level. You can easily transform it into a vampire makeup look in just seconds.
  • Face Painting Cheek Art– Yes, you can do face painting cheek art with makeup! You’ll learn simple face painting tips like what to use in place of glitter and how to make your body art last throughout the night.
  • Halloween Makeup Ideas– These looks are Halloween Makeup for adults. When you’re in a rush and have only a few minutes the best fantasy makeup tip is to focus on your eyes. These looks are adaptable for year round.

Fantasy Makeup Inspiration

Where do you draw inspiration from for fantasy makeup? Anywhere!

The best tip for creating unusual makeup designs is to think vivid color. Color that makes people do a double take and glance twice. Look around you for incredible color combinations.

"Take clues from nature for colorful designs."

For instance, take the colors from a favorite butterfly photo and then adapt them to yourself. Yes, it’s bizarre and that’s why it looks so striking on the human face.

When the color is applied in a small freeform design it will naturally look more subtle. If you want drama use vivid or dark color and use more area for the design.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry pushes makeup beyond all expectations. It's fun to enhance fantasy makeup designs and it's easy to do. The following makeup tips will give you some ideas.

Temporary Fairy Tattoos – Adding fairy wings or an entire fairy design in a temporary form is easy if you know how to apply temporary tattoos with a pro method. It tells you the insider tips for making them last as long as possible.

Cute Fairy Tattoos – Choose your favorite fairy design and capture her with a temporary tattoo. It can even be a test run for your final permanent design. This is the hottest tattoo trend in years and perfect if you love body art.

Crystal Tattoos – Stick on crystals add both sparkle and dimension to any makeup look. It can be seductive or wild makeup depending on the color of crystals you use. Try it to give your designs that professional look.

Crazy Colored Contact Lenses – Makeup artistry has inspired a whole new line of contact lenses. Fairies, vampires, elves and more will want to own a pair for those special gatherings and events. Add the wow factor to your makeup!

Digital Cameras Capture The Fun

When you create looks you love remember to capture them with your digital camera. It makes it easier to refer back to. You can either recreate the same look or modify your designs. Plus, if you’re face painting with children then you are creating memories for a lifetime. Document your favorite designs with a digital camera in your own Makeup-Notebook.