Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another day

Was 12 afternoon today(10th oct 2008) when my phone started to ge sooooo many missed calls(or maybe it was since morning and i just realized it!! hahaha) " what the F**k is happening today ??" i said to myself.. all of the numbers r not even listed in phonebook!! its starting to pissed me up.. "Wait a minute" i thinked..this is must a something comeout on todays paper/magazine!! Im so eager to know what is..

Still in a sleepy mode when my mobile rang again.. Oh its from someone i knew.. i picked it up.. " Awak.. gambar yg awak makeup hari tu dah keluar hari ni kat berita harian" she said happily.

Then everythings started to make sense..its my mobile numbers appeared on it!! oh S**T!! werent these people knew how to read?? Im just a make-up artist for this celebrities.. NOT A F**King phone operator!

Went to the shop and brought a copy of the paper.. i checked it and i suddenly felt happy.. i just love what i see( i dunno bout what the rest of people in malaysia would think.. but i like it!!)

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