Thursday, August 19, 2010


  Its been a week since the first day of Ramadan. I praise Allah SWT for the strengths that been given to me to continue my daily routines without any complications.. Alhamdulillah.. thanks for the people/friends who is subscribing my so-called blog hehehe.. i am really honour to have u guys listed as the followers. I hope that the numbers with grows from time to time..

  Lately I've posted so many pictures which has NOTHING to do with bridal makeup.. its just something that i wanna share with u guys and to show that Makeup can be a lot of things.... Keep checking my blog guys, as the end of the year is approaching and bridal makeup is gonna be the main highlights during the season..

  Thanks to those who left comments to the post that i posted. I wish to have more comments from you guys in the future..:) Selamat Berpuasa to all the muslims. May Allah continues giving us the bless on us:)) ..salam.

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