Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Di February


  Last year February 2010 was not a great month for me.. in fact it was the worst month of the year.. but, thanks to the Almighty for not giving me the same situation for this Fabulous February 2011.. 
  Started with a visit from my beloved family.. 10 great days spending time with my parents and my sister and also a visit by my beloved cousin was making the month so interesting and fulfilling.  

  January had been sad month as one of my closest friends/big brother passed away.. Alhamdulillah i am learning to accept the fact that he's really gone.. may his soul rest in peace..Al-fatihah.

  Career wise.. its getting better and better everyday.. learned new techniques from fellow makeup artist/Friends and also sharing some to the student of RedGlow Academy .. it was cool! Short Film Shootings, Magazine Photo shoots, annual dinners, Themed makeups and also makeup classes are part of the event that really help me to improve and improvise my work of arts .. thanks also to those who already booked[banked in deposits]me in advance for their weddings/events and i am looking forward for those actual dates!

  That Fan page of mine in FB are insanely growing and growing!! The last time i checked the fans was like only 800 and its now reaching 4000++ people in there!! wow i never been happier.. thanks for the comments regardless positives/negatives.. it really helps me to improves! No heart feelings really!!

  Life are just so interesting at this point of my life.. feels happy.. peaceful.. so freakingly focus on my work.. and also im having fun in between. I manage to avoid all those dramas/conflicts , i  manage to worked out problems in a best way.. and i am simply blessed! 

I pray.. Yes i pray this will continuously happening through out this great year of 2011.. Happy Belated Birthday to me.... hahahahahahahaha ahahhahahahahaha ahahahhaah
-ValShuQ Izzadi Hj Dilah-
The Aquarians 10th Feb 1978


Arlina Rosli said...

2011 with Val!
Count me on!

ValShuQ IZzadi said...

lest be successful together k!!

Nem0 o0h Nem0 said...

hpy belated besday shuq! stay ncem okey =)

ValShuQ IZzadi said...

thanks Nemo!! heheheheh