Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sari oh Sari

This is not about SARI(SAREE) the Indian Traditional wear.. Its simply about the beautiful and talented Sari Yanti, one of my favourite Malaysian star..

How can i NOT adore that sweet face, beautiful big eyes.. with black long healthy hair of her.. Other than that she have this cute lil way of talking that makes u wanna listen to everything that she says!

Last Ramadhan i got the chance to do her makeup for one of the local newspaper. She and the other 2 actresses are going to have a photoshoot at PAVILION Bukit Bintang for the coming Eid Mubarak. I cant help saying to her " gurl u r simply gorgeous"(oh well of course she knew it already!! silly me!!). She is naturally beautiful! she came to me without any makeup on her face and those stunning eyes of her looked so beautiful with or without makeup.

That was not the first time i did her makeup.But that was the first time she choose me personally. I feel GREAT!! here r some of the pictures of her that published by that newspaper..

Yatt,Darling and Sari Yanti

Gorgeous yes??

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