Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tercipta UntukKu..

What does my birth month mean..


Abstract thoughts
-Yes i am..

Loves reality and abstract
- Everyone loves one of them. Abstract?? erm.. not really sure of it..but mylife r pretty much abstract already..

Intelligent and clever
-i considered myself as an intelligent learner morelikely.. but im not clever in some part of mylife...oh well.. im experimenting..learning..but i dont like risk!!

Changing personality
-how can i apply this into myself? maybe other people can see it from me.. just let them to be the judge of it.

-Oh yes.. i am VERY much this..and 100% agree..

Quiet, shy and humble
-i can be quiet at the beginning.. pretty much shy also.. but when im adjusted, i can be talkative.. but above all i considered myself as humble.

Low self esteem
-im struggling with this for long long long time...and slowly i overcome feeling good now..still some part of myself very disturbing!

Honest and loyal
- im not everytime honest, but im trying so hard... and loyalty are not really my best attributes. i have to admit that..but so far i haven't caused any trouble..

Determined to reach goals
-i had goals..and i havent reach any of it even another set of goals are coming... just following the flow.. pretty much easy going..

Loves freedom
-Everyone loves freedom..i cant remember knowing anyone who didn't like freedom!!!

Rebellious when restricted
-yes this is very much true..i regret some of it.. but most of it are simply a BLAST!!

Loves aggressiveness
-oh i also loves gentleness

Too sensitive and easily hurt
-this is depends on which issue..whatever it is will use my brain to comeout with a possitive explaination..

Showing anger easily
-oh yes.. thats very ME

Dislike unnecessary things
- Very Me again

Loves making friends but rarely shows it
- yeah i am agree..let them show it..

Daring and stubborn
-hurm.. i was darring... but i don't think this applies to my current age.. hahaha! Stubborn.. im more settle down these days.

-Im always am!

Realizing dreams and hopes
-not yet so far..I am working on it...harder everyday.

-am i ?? not sure..

Loves entertainment and leisure
-yes i do.. and it causes me lots of problem!! oh how i wish i dont have to workhard for everything!! THATS IMPOSSIBLE YES??

Romantic on the inside not outside
-yes i am..only those who understand me know this..but sadly most of them were not..

Superstitious and ludicrous
-i dont think so.. and im not gonna start now!!

-Ouch!! thats just hit me on the face big time!!!

Learns to show emotions
-thank good this is true...............

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